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RehabStride AFO

RehabStride™ stands as a pioneering force, dedicated to transforming the lives of individuals facing foot drop conditions. As a growing manufacturer of advanced ankle foot orthosis (AFO) devices, we pride ourselves on offering innovative solutions that redefine mobility and stride improvement.
Our RehabStride AFO, meticulously crafted with tension-adjustable cables, promotes natural gait patterns and dorsi-flexion recovery, facilitating uninterrupted foot clearance during the swing phase. With a focus on ease of use and personalized adjustments, RehabStride delivers unparalleled advantages, such as enhanced plantar-flexion support, universal shoewear compatibility, and a quick-release mechanism for convenient rest.
Guided by an unwavering commitment to excellence and backed by a team of passionate specialists, RehabStride continues to pave the way towards unbounded freedom of movement, empowering individuals to stride with renewed confidence and embark on a transformative journey towards an independent and fulfilling lifestyle.


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Dr. Gene Shenker

Our Qualified Doctor: Ensuring your Health
and Comfort

Dr. Shenker is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, a founder, speaker, and visionary inventor. With over 16 years of expertise in the field of rehabilitation, his journey commenced at Beth Israel Mount Sinai Medical Center and culminated in the establishment of the esteemed Gramercy Physical Therapy – a distinguished clinic within New York City renowned for its exceptional manual therapists and unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality of service.
Dr. Shenker’s ingenuity and dedication to advancement shine brilliantly through his patented innovation, RehabStride™ – the groundbreaking adjustable ankle-foot orthosis meticulously designed for restorative mobility. This revolutionary solution addresses issues that have previously gone unattended and optimizes the walking potential.Ensu

Dr. Shenker
Doctor of Physical Therapy


RehabStride™ is protected by one or more patents, both issued and pending. The innovative features and design of RehabStride™ are a result of our commitment to advancing the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation. Unauthorized use, replication, or distribution of RehabStride™ or its features may infringe upon our intellectual property rights.
For inquiries regarding licensing, distribution, or any other use of RehabStride™, please contact Dr. Shenker at Gramercy Physical Therapy.

Patent No .: US 11,357,653

About company

RehabStride AFO
Make Your Life More Comfortable

  • 01. Discover Unbounded Mobility RehabStride frees you from the constraints of foot drop, directing your stride with elegance and confidence. Feel a fresh sense of freedom as you stride confidently toward your goals.
  • 02. Innovative Rehabilitation Solution RehabStride's innovative AFO gadget can help you rediscover the joy of walking by rejuvenating your stride and reigniting your zest for life.
  • 03. Empowering Your Journey to Freedom RehabStride is more than an orthotic; it's your steadfast companion empowering you to embrace life with resilience and determination, celebrating each triumphant stride.
RehabStride Ankle Foot Orthosis
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