AFO Brace for Foot Drop


RehabStride™ AFO brace discreetly adapts to all shoes. Its personalized cable system and dorsi-flexion support promote a natural gait for effortless walking and improved mobility.

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Regain the Confidence of a Natural Stride with RehabStride™ AFO Brace

Do you struggle with foot drop, hindering your mobility and confidence? Look no further than RehabStride™ AFO Brace, a revolutionary ankle foot orthosis designed to transform your walking experience.

Effortless Mobility, Remarkable Results:
  • Universal Comfort: Unlike bulky braces, RehabStride™ seamlessly adapts to all your shoes, providing a comfortable fit throughout your day.
  • Personalized for You: Our innovative, tension-adjustable cable system allows for a customized fit, ensuring optimal support and gait improvement tailored to your specific needs.
  • Walk Naturally Again: RehabStride™ promotes a natural gait cycle by facilitating dorsiflexion, the crucial upward movement of your toes during swing phase. This, combined with improved push-off, allows for uninterrupted walking with precise heel strikes.
  • Experience the Difference: Witness the joy of effortless walking with RehabStride™. Our groundbreaking approach empowers you to reclaim your mobility and rediscover the freedom of confident strides.


  1. Paul Lu

    Absolutely life-changing! This AFO Brace has been a true blessing for my grandmother, who has been dealing with the challenges of Ankle Foot Orthosis. Since she started using RehabStride, her mobility has improved significantly. The personalized tension-adjustable cable system ensures a perfect fit, providing the support she needs for a more natural gait. It’s heartwarming to see her walk with confidence and without the limitations she once faced.
    The seamless integration into different shoes makes it incredibly convenient for her daily activities, and the innovative approach to stride improvement has brought back the joy of walking effortlessly. RehabStride has not only been a physical aid but also a source of empowerment, giving my grandmother the freedom to move and enjoy life to the fullest. Grateful for this remarkable solution that has truly made a positive impact on her quality of life. Highly recommend it to anyone seeking effective and empowering Ankle Foot Orthosis support!

  2. Artem Zen

    The RehabStride AFO has been a game-changer in navigating foot drop. I can walk much quicker and more confidently with it. The quality and support of it is much better than braces I had in the past. Highly recommend!

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